Get Paid to Short Sell Your Fresno Home You Can’t Afford!

When the housing market crashed in 2008, millions of homeowners suddenly found themselves in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure. To help these homeowners, in 2009 the U.S. Treasury launched the Making Home Affordable (MHA) program, which is comprised of several subprograms designed to help distressed homeowners avoid foreclosure. One of the most talked […]

The Second Largest Settlement in History

The news has been abuzz in the past few weeks about the historic Robo-Signing Settlement reached between the government and five major lenders. The settlement raises lots of questions, but for homeowners who are in danger of losing their home there is only one: Can this settlement help me stay in my home? The answer: […]

Short Sale Incentives

Short Sale Incentives: Why Banks will Give You Money to Sell the Home You Can’t Afford Since the beginning of the housing crisis, tens of thousands of Fresno homeowners have found themselves pinned in by their financial circumstances and chained to a mortgage on which they owe more than their Fresno home is worth. In […]

Escape Your Unmanageable Mortgage

[truedelay videoloc=”” vid=”GFIhXlRXEuY” introloc=”” bt=”no” payment_link=”” redirect_url=”” logo_url=”” splash=”” logo_link=”” start_sec=”0″ vwidth=”427″ vheight=”240″ appear_min=”1″ appear_sec=”2″ image_link=”//” ct_skin=”modern-transparent” inout=”intro-only” pr=”redirect” ct=”yes” ap=”yes” nt=”no” fs=”no” sb=”yes” version=”1.6″ logo_pos=”2″ transparency=”80″ fadeout=””] Perhaps you have heard about it. On the news, a reporter tells a story about how the housing crisis has caused some homeowners to simply walk away […]

Solving Your Fresno Mortgage Crisis Just Got Easier

5 Steps for a Successful Fresno Short Sale If you are considering short selling your Fresno home to avoid the financial and emotional fallout of foreclosure, you should be aware of the five steps you should take to increase your chances of a successful transaction. First, do you qualify? You must: 1. Have a verifiable […]

The Foreclosure Fairytale – Fresno, CA

There is a lot of misinformation out there. I would not be surprised to find out that you have heard that a foreclosure is sometimes the best option for you. Nothing could be further from the truth. For the vast majority of homeowners out there who are in danger of losing their homes, a short […]

What is a CDPE?

When your roofing needs to be replaced, you seek advice from a roofing expert. When there’s a issue with your computer, you check with a technician who understands your particular model. And when a loved one becomes sick, you seek answers from a medical doctor trained in that particular illness. Similarly, in this current economic […]

What Is a Short Sale? [VIDEO] Fresno, CA

The short sale process from A to Z

The short sale process from A to Z – Short selling your Fresno home, step by step. By: Jeremy Smiley, Realtor, Short Sale Specialist, London Properties Step one: Do your due diligence. Search the web and find out as much as you can on the process. There are a lot of misconceptions about short sales. […]

Short Sale? What To Expect When You Get An Offer – Fresno, CA

Once your home is listed on the MLS as a Short Sale, you have agreed to let the bank/your lender decide the ultimate “Terms” on which the home will be sold. A Short Sale is unique.  Although you are the homeowner according to the note & or deed recorded when you purchased your home…because the […]