Marketing Plan

There is no substitute for aggressive and effective marketing to sell your home. The right marketing on your home will say the right things, be in the right place at the right time, and compel qualified buyers to pick up the phone to find out more.


Let’s face it. The internet is the first place buyers go when searching for a new home. I have a very aggressive internet marketing campaign that generates 100’s of buyer leads every month. We post our listings on every major site on the web including &, the #1 & #2 real estate websites in the world, which attracts over 12 million potential clients per month.

Custom Property Website

Each of my listing get a custom made High Quality website that is specially designed to rank very high on Google.

Direct Mail

Our direct mail campaign targets potential buyers for your home.


Our full color flyers showcase your property with a detailed description and professional photos.

Custom Narrated Video

Much more than the typical realtor virtual tour, we produce a professionally shot, custom narrated video depicting the unique attributes of your home and your community. Much more powerful and effective than a flyer. The virtual tour can also be seen on the MLS and select home searching websites.
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1-888 Technology

The Problem: Buyers are reluctant to call on real estate advertisements because they don’t want to talk to agents.

The Solution: 1-888 Technology

Because buyers don’t have to speak to an agent we get 3 times as many calls from our ads than the competition.

Benefits for Homeowners
-More calls mean more potential buyers for your home.
-Detailed information about your home is available to interested buyers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
-The perspective buyers who view your home are pre-qualified because they have already received information on your house.

How it works:

Our VIP Seller Service provides you with timely, online, direct feedback from prospective buyers — Your home will sell FASTER and for MORE money!

Let me share an ugly truth about selling real estate.  Most real estate agents are usually far more concerned about generating new listings than they are about selling the homes they’ve already listed.  After you list your home with them, they become much more difficult to contact.  The time it takes for them to return your call goes from minutes to hours or days (if you’re lucky).  Providing you with timely feedback on the progress they are making is a very low priority item.  If they’re not making progress on selling your home, you’re the last person they want to talk with.  The truth is they often just assume that eventually your home will sell just because they’ve put it into the MLS, even if it takes several months and a couple of price reductions to do it. We’re different.  Our automated client Showing Feedback System is just one way that we will provide you a much better home selling experience ending with the results you need. Here’s how it works:

1.  Each time your property is shown to a prospective buyer, the details of the showing are entered into my Home Feedback System.

2.  My system then automatically follows up with each showing agent up to three times to solicit his buyer’s comments on your home (Most agents don’t have time to follow-up even once, let alone three times).  Once received, these comments are automatically entered into the system.

3.  As my client, you will receive private online access to the Home Feedback System:

  • View all feedback responses to-date
  • View statistics summarizing all feedback to-date
  • View the status of pending feedback
  • View comments posted on activity that we have done to help sell your home
  • E-mail us directly

What does this mean to you?

  • You’ll get immediate direct feedback from prospective buyers of your home allowing us to correct any misconceptions about your home or improve on problems with the way your home shows BEFORE they impact negatively on the sale of your home.
  • My system logs all the agents of prospective buyers that have seen your property. I use this to instantly email every agent that has shown your home to let them know when we are about to receive an offer. This often leads to multiple offers or a bidding war on your home.
  • I can also use the system to let other agents know about any changes in your listing. After all, what good is a marketing change if nobody knows about it?
  • Feedback is always available to you (24 hours a day). You’ll never feel like you are “out of the loop”.
  • Not only will you get far superior customer service, but your home will sell faster and at a higher price.

Talking House

Why Talking House?
Talking House is proven to sell houses faster. In a national study, Talking House cut the time it took to sell a house in half! From an average of 72 days on market to only 37 days on the market. Why? Because home buyers love it! They get the instant information they want and need. Every study of home sales has shown that home buyers drive through the neighborhoods they want to live in. There is no better way to have your house stand out, instantly give the buyer information they need, draw in only qualified buyers, and ultimately, sell your house faster. No wonder this system has already sold more than one million homes in all 50 states.

What is Talking House?
Talking House is an amazing hi-tech radio Transmitter that I’ll place discreetly inside your home to sell it faster for top dollar. Talking House broadcasts a customized sales message describing the most exciting features of your home over the airwaves 24/7. House hunters simply tune their car radios to hear an attention-grabbing message complete with instructions to phone your agent to schedule a showing.

Talking House makes your home stand out.

The Talking House Transmitter won’t interfere with your TV, radio, phone or PC. You won’t even know it’s on! You’ll only know it’s there from all the excited prospects who want to buy your home. The yard sign invites buyers to “tune in” on their car radios to hear about your home’s most enticing features on a private radio broadcast recorded by me. When I use Talking House, every potential buyer can hear about the details that make your home special simply by tuning in on their car radio-day or night.